Poly Tank Repairs

Repair Services

Plastic Fusion Service specialises in repairing a range products made from polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), or as they are usually known, “Poly”. Our speciality is on-site repairs to poly water tanks. As we are independent repairers, it doesn’t mater what style or brand the tank is, we can usually repair it. Round, slim line, transport tank or even boomspray tanks, they are all made from Poly (PE) and generally very repairable.

Most poly repairs are made with an Extrusion Welder. These machines operate similar to a large hot glue gun except it extrudes a continual stream of molten plastic. Extrusion welding produces a strong and durable weld of similar strength to the item being repaired. This is unlike repairs with hot air guns or soldering irons that usually lack in strength and durability and usually fail again. We regularly repair tanks that have been previously repaired in this manor. We happily guarantee our workmanship and repairs.

In addition to poly, we repair a range of other plastic items. If the plastic is a type that is not suited to plastic welding, we use a range of specialised polymers for the repair. Whether it is PVC, ABS, urethane or one of the other types of plastics, there is usually a professional repair system available.

Economic & Environmental Savings

The high replacement cost of many plastic items means repairing usually makes good economic sense with significant savings. There is also environmental savings in not using resources and energy to produce a new item or having to dispose of the damage old item.

On-Site Repair Service

We can travel to your repair job with our fully self-contained 4-wheel drive repair unit. It is equipped with the latest extrusion welding equipment, generator and tools to undertake all repairs on-site. Whether your tank is in the suburbs of Melbourne or Adelaide or in the back paddock of your farm, we can travel to your job.

Alternatively you can arrange to send the item to our Horsham workshop.

Poly Water Tank Repair Specialists

We are the poly water tank repair specialists. Over the years we have repaired hundreds of tanks across South Eastern Australia. There are not too many problems we haven’t seen and most have been repairable. In fact, you could call us the real plastic surgeons!

Whether you have a pinhole leak, a large crack or a pole through the roof, there is a repair solution. If your rainwater, transport, fire-fighting tank or water trough has a problem we can help. We repair water tanks from all manufactures and all styles including slimline and modular.

We carry a range of different coloured weld line allowing us to closely match the colour of your tank.

Boomspray Tank Repairs

Poly has largely replaced all other materials in the manufacture of chemical and fresh water tanks on agricultural spray units. Plastic Fusion Service offers a repair service for boomspray tanks, fresh water tanks, foam markers and chemical induction hoppers.

Plastic Fuel Tank Repairs

Plastic Fusion Service provides a diesel fuel tank repair service with significant savings compared to the cost of a new replacement tank. We are able to repair both polyethylene and cross-linked polyethylene fuel tanks.

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Other plastic repairs

We can repair a wide range of plastics items including tractor bonnets, guards and roofs, motorbike plastics and fairings, polycraft boats, canoes, mobility scooters, pool filters, and many more.